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Data Science


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In the high-speed life of today, the data sources used to make the right decisions increase and diversify with the developing technology. On the other hand, access to the information and insights hidden in the data is getting more leisurely day by day. Data Science aims to find solutions to problems by reaching accurate and valuable information from large and complex data in today's world where the data is transferred at high speed and using various sources. Data Science requires expertise in probability/statistics, programming, and its applications. This area is located at the intersection of different disciplines and rapidly expanding its application areas by feeding on technology.


Our Data Science Certificate Program is designed with the philosophy of on-site training for institutions that want to benefit from the latest developments in data analysis, visualization, and modeling. The 1-year program, consisting of 7-week modules at the master level, aims to increase student success by combining online learning, in-class training organized in the institution, and project studies for sectoral applications. Our students will have the opportunity to develop their projects by transforming them into sectoral applications and academic research to combine their competencies to follow current applications with a solid analytical infrastructure.

 The content and calendar of the training program can be shaped according to the demands of your institution.