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Le Cordon Bleu Weekend Cuisine Programme begins on October 15th...

Weekend Cuisine Programme begins on October 15th...

The Intensive Culinary Programme is a weekend programme designed for culinary enthusiasts with limited time to help them develop their culinary skills and improve their self-confidence.

Every Saturday for 10 weeks, you will spend 6 hours with Le Cordon Bleu's experienced Chef Instructors who will teach you a wide range of culinary techniques and share with you their culinary secrets.

The techniques you will learn from Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs will help you create tasty dishes and prepare marvelous tables that are bound to leave your loved ones in awe, as well as vest you with the required knowledge and practice to be the chef of your own house.

Moreover, you will be awarded the “Le Cordon Bleu” certificate at the end of this training programme.


15 October - 24 December 2022


Week 1 - Knife Skills,
Week 2 - Basic Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
Week 3 - Sauteing, Grilling/Deep Frying, and Pan-Frying Techniques
Week 4 - Roasting and Sous-Vide Cooking Techniques
Week 5 - Braising and Stewing Techniques
Week 6 - Poaching and Steaming Techniques
Week 7 - Rice, Grain, and Derivatives, Fresh Pasta Cooking Techniques
Week 8 - Pastry and Desserts,
Week 9 - Eggs and Breakfast Menus,
Week 10 - Sunday Basket and Menu Planning

10 Weeks / Saturdays

60 Hours


Tuition for International Students (2022)