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Dr. Kıvılcım Döğerlioğlu Demir
Dr. Kıvılcım Döğerlioğlu Demir obtained her B.Sc. from Middle East Technical University, Political 
Science Department in 2000, MBA in 2005 from California State University-Sacramento, and Ph.D. in
Marketing from Washington State University in 2010. After completing her Ph.D. Dr. Kıvılcım 
Döğerlioğlu Demir joined Sabancı University, Business School where she taught marketing courses for 
12 years. She served as the academic director of the Professional MBA program between 2018-2021. 
Dr. Dogerlioglu Demir also provided consultancy and training on brand management, consumer 
behavior, marketing orientation and B2B communication to firms operating in a variety of sectors 
including Sabancı Holding firms, Siemens, Bosch, PSA group, Vestel, TEI, ASELSAN, İşbankası, 
Garanti Bankası, Eczacıbaşı and Novartis. Dr. Dogerlioglu Demir’s area of specialty is consumer 
behavior. Her work appeared in numerous top publications and conferences. She is currently a full-time 
faculty member at Özyeğin University Business School. 

You can also see below the courses in Turkish

  • Brand Management

  • Market Focus

  • Marketing Communications in B2B

  • Creating Brands and Understanding the Consumer in the Digital Age

  • How has Consumer Behavior Changed in the Digital Age?

Short Talks

"Current Retail Approaches"

Atmospherics: How can we design a multi-sensor store atmosphere that will positively affect the consumer's "sensory experience" using the latest techniques? Striking and actionable recommendations regarding the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory aspects of the store environment and their impact on consumer shopping behavior.

"Numbers and  Meanings in Marketing"

Did you know that every number we use in stores and web pages influences consumer perceptions? While these numbers have their own meanings, even the context and format in which they are presented can positively or negatively affect the consumer's perception of the brand. You will find important tips on brand communication in this talk, where the latest applications in the field of behavioral pricing are also discussed.

"How has Consumer Behavior Changed in the Digital Age?"

In this talk, where the latest biometrics/neuromarketing techniques are also discussed, the principles of changing consumer behavior in the digital age and the concepts of the customer journey will be discussed. As more and more internet of things (IoT) devices enter the lives of consumers, its effects on brand communication will be discussed. Stunning and applicable latest techniques will be shared.